Kandbari Ke Phool (The Flowers Of Kandbari)

Pressed Flower Specimens on paper, Collection.

Group Exhibition

By : Tanuj Kumar, Anshul Singh, Ruchi Bhatia, Deepanshu Bhatia and Abhay Dhiman.

Flowers are symbolic of expressions of joy, beauty, freshness and many similar feelings. In our lives, the sight and smell of flowers bring certain elements that momentarily take us far away from the usual humdrum. There are many things that any flower holds in itself, besides its colours, fragrance, form and shape. A closer look at it tells us about the encapsulated emotional state in these beings of flora, and that translates to an expression, the language of which is only known by nature. Flowers are silent prayers of the eternal and an important part in the evolution and functioning of earth. All the things combine to give flowers, a special significance. May be that, is the reason why flowers are the first things to come mind when we think of special occasions, decoration, gifts, and the well being of our surroundings. May be somewhere, the experience of interacting with a flower, heightens the human senses, and becomes a symbol of the softest bond that we have with nature. Perhaps this is the reason why we also use flowering in context of children and childhood, at times when we refer. 

If this is the case, then the questions of the place of flowers in art also take form. Are flowers ‘still life’ when we paint them? If they are living things then why do we objectify them so much? Are they only about inspiration, subjects to copy and imitate, in paintings or can there be a greater significance to flowers in art’s context? If we consider nature to be the greatest creator, then aren’t flowers one of its best and the most important creations? If we look at flowers from this angle, then words like form, sculpture and aesthetics are found living in the diversity of these creations, all around us. If this is the case, then what can we do as artists, to give a newer meaning to flowers in the context of art and its function? 

Questions like these were thrown to five kids from the village government school. As answers, they picked their favourite flowers, dried them to study, and gave them names, after which they pressed and framed those flowers as they liked, to make artworks, as a conclusion of a month long art workshop that they chose to be a part of. The result of this journey was, an educational experience for the children, a group exhibition that displayed these works, and artworks for each child to take home and hang on their walls. The journey, in a flowersome manner is fragrant with the emotions that these little flowers conveyed, coupled with the thought process of each child and the resulting expression as artwork