The Face

Video Loop : Colour, Single Channel + mirrors

Duration: 4 minutes















“Every artist’s desire to express the inexpressible is nothing more than the desire to express the vision of a theme in terms that are inexpressible through other than artistic means. Perhaps the cognitive power of art is like the power of a game for a child. Perhaps aesthetic pleasure lies in sensing the functionality (without a specific goal) of our intelligence and our own sensitivity.”

– Julio Garcia Espinosa


This work is an investigation in the pictorial communication of visible events.The imagery used, is born based on its total separation from any motive and longs to express an anecdote which is beyond any definitive measure and is open to reception of all forms, via the tools of absolute cinema. It is an attempt at conveying abstract emotional experiences with the craft, using devices of montage, body movement and audio-visual relationships juxtaposed with intended glitches in visual composition.The camera has been used as a separator between the subject and the artist, rather than a means to connect the artist with the subject. An isolation reeks from the frames upon repetitive viewing of the footage where the subjects are seen reacting to the device, and not the person holding it. A collection of these experiences, filmed with strangers from the road, is presented as a visual montage on the soundtrack provided by Jamblu, contained in a four minute video loop which is mixed with mirrors as reflective screens in the installation. The geometric arrangement and usage of mirrors as a participatory element in the screening yields an environment forming a visual bridge between real-time visible reactions to the experience, with the person experiencing it.


Installation Views