Toward An Impure Poetry

Video : Colour, Single Channel

Duration: 9 minutes


Paradoxically, we think it will be a new poetics, not a new cultural policy. A poetics whose true goal will be to commit suicide, to disapper as such”

-Julio Garcia Espinosa


The work is an on-screen adaptation of ‘Toward an Impure Poetry’ by Pablo Neruda which was written in 1939.The exploration of the poetics, that he describes in this piece, led me to capture on video, the severity of the ordinary, the otherwise neglected, the dull and the seen-yet-unseen.The creation of this, also led to the very birth of theis anthology, and somewhere, I also believe that Espinosa’s exploration of the imperfections in cinema, were inspired by Pablo’s in poetry.The visuals are overlaid on a narrative of the essay in English, which is treated as the score to the film(sans any music, or sound effects)

This work is the culmination of the entire series.

Installation Views