An Imperfect Cinema

Installation : Digital Video + Mixed Media



The work is an anthology of four digital video installations. The Face , Stasis , A Convolution and Toward An Impure Poetry.

This body of work is based upon and inspired by the essay : For an imperfect cinema published in 1969 by the Cuban Film maker, Julio Garcia Espinosa. In his seminal essay, Espinosa describes imperfect cinema as “the opposite of a cinema principally dedicated to celebrating results, the opposite of a self-sufficient and contemplative cinema, the opposite of a cinema which ‘beautifully illustrates’ ideas or concepts which we already possess.” The assemblage – An Imperfect Cinema, has been created in a period of five years of rigorous introspection of the self regarding my practice of making videos or films, and their meaning in Cinema. The works(with Espinosa’s essay being the catalyst in their creation) were brought to life, after indulging in a meditative process of revisiting my video archives, time and again, over this period.


Selected excerpts from Espinosa’s essay have been used as cues to each of the four individual installations. The four of them combine to form a space which is cinematic in the sense of imperfect. The work’s primary motives for me are to create spaces which enable me as an artist to share my perspectives regarding the existence of ‘Cinema’, the form and its meaning, and to create dialogue with anyone who experiences these works. This expression is also an attempt by me to exist as a spectator, and understand the impact of my own practice better, alongside the audience for which I have created this body of work.


Installation Views : 2018