Guldasta || Srishti || And Other Names

Created By : Lallan

Artist : Shamli Manasvi

2019, Venue : Baadii Art Gallery, Kangra


Anthology : Prints +  Works On Paper, Various sizes



Bouqueting the world of a sixteen year old artist, this archival collection of sixty two works is born out of an accidental encounter with her sketchbooks, diaries, and ‘mindless happenings’ as she describes the most of it. Shamli Manasvi lives in a mud house in the woods in a mountain village of the Kangra Valley. The world of the imagery that she has produced as an accompaniment to her growing up in the hills, is an amalgamation of form, shape and colours, on a journey that is drenched in happenstance. The process of making prints out of those works, stems from the need to document and present that time stamp as necessary mark, early in the life of this very young artist. The process of archiving here holds a flowerly significance if it is reversed in the fashion that popular culture usually employs it for. The exhibit then in artistic practice is an action that seamlessly blends in the unhinged locution of a mind that is yet to fully encounter life after adolescence, still creating and expressing.