Eitthu || Here || यहाँ

Installation : Mixed Media. Series of four. 

Artists : Rohan Anvekar, Kumar Misal, Pratik Raut, Roshan Anvekar.

December 2020

Installation Views

‘Eitthu’ in Kangri Language translates to ‘Here’. 

When one says that they are here, or that they live here, then what does the here actually mean? When humans set themselves apart from each other, the difference is mostly based upon factors like geography, language, lifestyle, food, commune, architecture, traditions, clothing, et cetera. That is the reason why we have diversity on this planet. The region of Kangra in the Himalayas too, is very different from anywhere else on this earth. The context of here in Kangra’s relation does not match the here of anywhere, and very beautifully so. But since sometime, the diversity of it all has been under immense attack, courtesy a wave of copy paste development that is prevalent all across the world. The results like anywhere, have been the depletion of resources, incredible destruction of ways of living which took generations to build upon, a senseless mass aping of the so-called modern ways, and hence, forcing an entire people to attempt to live like the other of somewhere, here itself. 

The question that arise out of this thought are trivial. 

If we bring the villages of Kandbari, Nanahar, Spadu, and Nain under the lens, then what is it that really does belong to the here of this place? What all from here has been lost in the wave of this change and what all is set to be lost? If one relates to here then what is exactly is it that one relates to? What does here mean to anyone who is present here, physically in a time frame that they are living right now? 

These and several other similar questions were tossed around to a group of four artists who did not belong here.  

The thought behind it was to achieve the neutrality of an answer that is not drenched in some bias, already being lived by someone(even an artist) who is here.  The region was made as a subject of observation and the narrative was left free for each artist to decide, in their own ways. The ‘Here’ was the epicentre for all work developed. Selected artists were required to dig into the concept of the word here and relate it with the environment that Baadii is homed in. The here that the artist is  shaped in their own ways was expected to form relations with all the communities, the space, the sensory, the geographic and the evolutionary, with all that the artists encounter, while they lived and developed work here in the Himalayan region of Upper Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.  

– Lallan