Bada Bhaarii(Very Heavy)

Installation Sculpture : Wood + Globes + Photographic Print


“If we were to weigh all the ants in the world, they would weigh as much as all of the people on this planet, probably more.” 


Installation View(2019)

“Bada Bhaarii” is a phrase that is used very commonly in the Kangri Language to express or denote the enormity, scale, or very heavy proportions of anything. In the context of the work, it is titled ‘Bada Bhaarii’ to express visually, the combined weight of all the ants, compared to all the humans on the planet. To depict this, two globes have been used as symbols/scaled models for the earth. Photographs of various species of ants have been erected on one globe, and of various humans on the other. Both the globes have been weighed on a wooden scale. The tilt towards the ants depicts the probability of the combined weight of ants outnumbering that of humans.