Born of the belief that the arts are present in everyone at some level, Baadii is an extension of that philosophy where all dividing boundaries are blurred and art becomes a bridge for everything of concern that we as people need to address, specially in the rural context of things. The works produced in the project are rooted deep in working closely with communities, striving to create expressions that go beyond the well known and the contemporary and directly communicate with their very roots, addressing problems and trying to bridge them. As an arthouse, Baadii is a severe lookout for the conditions that enable genuine co-authors within communities, for writing narratives, through extra-human design, taking art beyond the option of a chosen few and making it a possibility for everyone. The makers of the works of art are not just limited to artists and are engaged from all walks of life, specially concerned with subjects whose expressions break the norms of traditional ways of engaging with them as audiences.



Eitthu || Here || यहाँ

Guldasta || Srishti || And Other Names

Kandbari Ke Phool (The Flowers Of Kandbari)