Ae Kusa Da Ghar Ae? (Who’s home is this?)

Installation : Collected Natural Specimens + Scaled Models Of Houses


Installation View(2019)

The need to live safely is something that is intrinsic to all beings on the planet and perhaps that is the origin of the concept of home, figured in a house. Houses are sculpted expressions, coming into existence only with the necessity that accompanies life, when it roots itself in the physical spaces that the earth provides it with. Humans, for the lack of their own understanding, often forget that in comparison to scale with the buildings that we put up, there are also very small and intricately woven, architectural marvels of millions of species, all around the ever expanding jungles of concrete that now cease to erase them, thus fiddling with the fine balance that sustains human life itself. If one is to elaborate and express this fact, then can this be done by the employment of the tool that scale is? Can this be understood if the size of the human houses can be scaled down to meet the size of the actual houses of other species? Will we then visually and spatially be able to understand that housing is every species’ basic most need and right and being human does not give us any right to bulldoze over any other species’ house, just because there is size that blinds us? The work questions just that, by hanging collected natural specimens of homes of various species like bees and birds and insects and small creatures, alongside scaled down models of different types of human houses, thus creating a model that depicts a neighbourhood of beings existing in harmony and togetherness.