Created By : Lallan

With : Vikram Singh, Life Meets The Lens

October 2019, Venue : Baadii Art Gallery, Kangra


Installation Views(2019) 

In his book – ‘The World As Will And Idea’, Schopenhauer states that “At the lowest grades of its objectivity, where it still acts without knowledge, natural science, treats of the laws of the changes of its phenomena, in the form of morphology, of what is permanent in them. This almost endless task is lightened by the aid of concepts, which comprehend what is general in order that we may deduce what is particular from it. Lastly, mathematics treats of the mere forms, time and space, in which the Ideas, broken up into multiplicity, appear for the knowledge of the subject as individual. All these, of which the common name is science, proceed according to the principle of sufficient reason in its different forms, and their theme is always the phenomenon, its laws, connections, and the relations which result from them.” If one applies that lens to what human perspective has been regarding everything natural around it, then it appears that the communication of the fact that humans misunderstand themselves to be the epitome of all universal perspective itself, becomes imperative. The idea of this communication was tossed around in several conversations with naturalist – Vikram Singh, fusing natural science and arts, and as a result it gave birth to multiple installations and construction of spaces to express the very fact that we as humans, are a mere speck in the vast universe of the living and the non-living. The narrative born from this exercise was named ‘Ansh’ – the Sanskrit term for denoting a part or a portion.