Lallan was born in February 1986, to a tribe of pastoralists in a valley of the Aravali mountain range that kisses the Indo-Gangetic flood plains. While growing up, he inherited poetry, music and folk traditions, primarily from his grandmother, alongside other members of the tribe. He has been painting and working with wood since the age of five. The exploration of poetics in life, is what drives him to create and express. He works with text, video, performance, new media, fabric, mixed media and earthen material to create expressions.


In his early years of his professional career, he was commissioned projects by the likes of United Nations, UNICEF, Ford Foundation and other organisations, while working alongside and for various ministries like the Ministry Of Information And Broadcasting, Ministry Of Environment, Ministry Of Human Resources, National Green Tribunal, Ministry Of Water Resources, Ministry Of Agriculture, for the Government Of India, alongside various state governments, majorly creating works concerned with migration, ethnicities, displacement, agriculture, human rights, women and children issues, labour rights and issues, employment and environmental issues.


The array of experiences lived from these years, have led him to sketch expressions that long to elude the contemporary, and are striving to communicate with the roots from which, they were born.


Lallan lives with his dog Shadow in his barsati in the village.